Looking for a Plasterer?

Do I need to put PVA on the new plastered walls before painting.

No you will not need to apply any PVA. Just water the first coat of paint down to apply a mist coat first then you should be able to decorate as normal.

Do I need to put PVA on the new plastered walls before I can wallpaper.

If you are wanting to wallpaper straight onto newly plasterered walls then unlike the painting question above you will need to apply a coat of PVA first otherwise the plaster will just suck all the moisture out of your wallpaper paste and you won’t be able to move the wallpaper around into position.

How long do I have to leave the new plastered walls before I can paint.

Following a reskim usually about 3 to 5 days to dry out thoroughly but it will vary depending upon different household temperatures and times of year. Just make sure the plaster is dry with no damp or darker patches first and it should be ok to paint.

How long will it take you to plaster my room?

This will vary depending upon the size of the room. If you were to use our company as a guide based upon one plasterer and a labourer we can generally re-skim a 14 x 15 ft living room in 4 hours, a staircase in 7 to 8 hours and an average 3 bedroom semi detached house in 4 ½ days or 8 days if it is to be plaster boarded too. Full house re-skims can be done in a day if you need an urgent job doing as we will just bring in more plasterers.

What is your plasterer’s day rate?

We do not charge by the day but by the job based upon how long it is going to take us to do. We have found this works out cheaper and fairer for our customers as day rates can sometimes encourage a slower work pace costing more in the long run.

What do you charge per square metre?

We also don’t tend to price plastering jobs this way unless we are carrying out a large scale commercial job for tender. For smaller domestic jobs we cost each job individually based upon room size and estimated time it will take to complete the work.

Do you do small jobs?

Yes we undertake all jobs small and large but you must bear in mind that to plaster a 3ft square area of wall will still require a plasterer to be on site for up to 3 hours as plaster has to be given time to set slightly before it can be trowelled up smooth. Small jobs can therefore seem quite expensive in comparison but it’s due to the time we have to wait for it to set. If you have a patching job it’s usually much more economical to get it done at the same time as something else so as to utilise the plasterers time well.

Will I need to remove the wallpaper before you can plaster the walls?

Yes you will need to remove wallpaper and ceiling tiles unfortunately as plaster will not stick to them.

What types of rendering do you do?

We carry out all types of rendering. Sand and cement render, pebbledash, monocouche coloured render, brick or stone effect render finishes. You can view the full range of rendering services we carry out on our Rendering Services page.

Do you do apprenticeships?

Yes we do but the places are limited. We usually advertise vacancies as and when they come up through CITB Construction Skills www.citb.co.uk who deal with all the apprenticeship college training.

What do I need to do to the room before you can plaster it?

We can work much faster and efficiently in a clear room so it is better if the furniture is removed or at the very least kept to a minimum so that it can be worked around. We are very clean workers and we bring with us our own dust sheets to ensure all flooring and other fixtures are protected. We also always thoroughly clean up after ourselves. Special arrangements can be made for elderly or people with a disability who are unable to move furniture so please do tell us if you feel that you will have a problem in preparing the room for us.

Do you do artexing?

No we no longer do artexing unfortunately. We found there was very little demand for it these days with most people wanting to cover it up so we decided not to offer this service.

I have a hole in my ceiling that is artexed is it possible to patch it up?

Yes a good artexer should be able to patch the artex up for you once the ceiling is repaired but depending upon the artex pattern it may be difficult to get an exact match to the existing pattern. Most of our customers choose to have the ceiling re-skimmed in such cases.

I have a victorian property that has some damaged cornice but I cannot find anything like it on the market can you help me?

Trying to find original cornice to match up can be an extremely difficult, expensive and a time consuming task. Sometimes you may get lucky and find some in a reclamation yard but it is rare to find any that matches your exact style that is in good condition and intact. Our coving and cornice restoration service is just what you need. We can supply any custom made to match decorative plaster moulding from cove to ceiling roses and as the new piece is an exact replica of the original once fixed you will never know it has ever been replaced thereby keeping the original property features and not having to compromise on a quality finish.

What areas do your plasterer’s cover?

Our plasterers are currently covering the following areas and surrounding villages but if your area is not listed below then remember just ask we may still be able to help.

Sheffield | Rotherham | Chesterfield | Doncaster | Worksop | Retford | Barnsley | Thorne | Moorends | Mansfield | Wakefield

My property is old and the ceilings are bowing will they need to come down and be re-done or is it possible to plasterboard over them?

We would prefer to look and carry out our own survey of any ceilings like this on an individual basis but generally yes it is possible to plasterboard over it and in some cases this is a better option and will certainly be cheaper and create less mess.

Do you do damp proofing?

We do not carry out damp surveys or damp proofing treatment but we do the specialist plasterwork that is carried out afterwards.

If you have any questions that we have not covered then please get in touch we will be happy to help. Contact Us