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Plasterboarding is the usual plastering method used in new builds and extensions unless planning or building regulations call for anything different.

image plasterboarding stud walls

It is so much easier and faster to use than solid plastering and is a cheaper plastering method too.

It is also so much more versatile as you can buy different types of plasterboard that help with different problems.

For example you can get plasterboards to help with soundproofing, insulation and damp issues as well as specialist fire retardant boards that may be required for certain types of projects.

You could be in breach of building regulations if you do not fit the correct boards on certain types of projects so if in doubt ask an experienced plasterer for some advice.

Plasterboarding can also be carried out in existing buildings where the original plaster has been removed back to brick and just a re-skim is not going to be sufficient.

Plasterboard is screwed to stud wall frames and ceilings but it is fixed to brick and block walls by using what is known as the dot and dab technique.

image plasterboarding and skimming a wall

The dot and dap technique involves placing a series of dabs of plasterboard adhesive in strategic points on the wall for the plasterboard to stick to. The adhesive is also placed all around the edges in order to create a good seal.

Once the walls and ceilings are completely covered in plasterboard, angle beads are applied and  the joints are taped up. They are then skimmed with a finish coat of skim plaster.

This skim coat gives the wall a beautifully smooth seamless finish and the angle beads ensure the corners and edges are lovely and crisp. Once the plaster has dried the walls are ready to be painted.

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