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My name is Neil Price and I am the owner of P3 Plastering.

I am also a plasterer and work very much hands on in the business, so it’s not unusual for you to see me plastering away on a daily basis.

 So How Did It All Start?

The truth is I really enjoy plastering. It is something I knew I wanted to do from a young age after I had seen some plasterers working on a housing development site near to where I lived.

I was amazed by how the houses came together once the plasterers had been in. Suddenly the open plan brick boxes had become homes with defined rooms. So that was it. I wanted to be a plasterer.

I am going to give my age away now!

I started my plastering training in 1985 when I left school. I trained with some excellent plasterers who were great mentors.  I also got to work on some really exciting projects, which included the building of Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield. My brothers are also plasterers so plastering has been an integrated part of my family life for a long time.

A Plastering Business Was Born!

During the early part of my career I was working for large house builders and whilst I enjoyed the work and the people I worked with it could become quite boring at times so in 2003 I decided to take my passion a stage further and start my own business.  I remember feeling quite daunted at the time.  Moving from a regular income with a mortgage to pay and young family to support was a scary thing to do but it was something I really wanted so I was determined to give it my best shot. My perfectionist personality soon started to pay off as customers began commenting upon the quality of my work and recommending me to their friends and family.

I’ve been doing this for quite a long time now and can honestly say I still love it.  Not only does it feed my passion to plaster I also get to meet so many different people and I have made some really good friends over the years because of it too.

That’s Our History But Where Are We Today?

We are still very much a family run plastering business despite having other plasterers working for us now.  The attention to detail we have for our work is the central core of our business and everyone who works for us shares the same passion for their work that I have always had.

I am really proud to say that we have an excellent team of plasterers who are very good at their jobs.

The saying ‘if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well’ is something that all of us here at P3 Plastering are very strong believers in and it is clearly reflected in the standard of work we produce.

So That’s Our Story.

I hope I haven’t bored you too much.

There are plenty of things on our website for you to look at to give you a little bit more insight into who we are and what we do. Have a look around and view some of our recent work and latest reviews.

If you have any questions or would just like some friendly advice then contact me.

Just give me a call or send a message I will be more than happy to help.

Thanks for taking the time to read our story.

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Areas We Cover

  • Sheffield
  • Rotherham
  • Doncaster
  • Barnsley
  • Worksop
  • Retford
  • Chesterfield

What else can you expect from us.

  • Full Liability Insurance
    We carry full liability insurance covering all of the services we carry out.
  • Clean and Tidy Work
    Plastering does not have to be dirty work. We respect your property and will always leave it clean and tidy.
  • A quality finish every time.
    We are so confident you will be happy with our work that we guarantee it.
  • A fast and reliable service.
    We will never let a customer down.
  • A skilled and friendly workforce.
    All our plasterers are experienced and qualified tradesmen.

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