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House Rendering – A Look At the Different Types Available

Monocouche Render

In the world of construction, house rendering plays a pivotal role in both protecting and beautifying a property. Choosing the right rendering system is crucial for ensuring longevity, visual appeal, and structural integrity.   This article introduces you to our rendering services. We explain the different rendering systems that are on the market today and […]

Plastering History: A Look At Plastering Across the Ages

Plastering History: Featured image

Sometimes, inspiration strikes in the most unexpected places. I have been a plasterer for over 30 years now and until recently never really gave much thought into plastering history or its evolution. That is until I came across a post on Twitter that grabbed my attention and made me smile. It read … “In the […]

How to Find a Good Plasterer: 9 Best Top Tips

Plasterers in Sheffield

Welcome to P3 Plastering’s comprehensive guide on how to find a good plasterer for your home or project. In the ever-expanding world of plastering services, it can be challenging to distinguish the true professionals from those who may not meet your expectations. At P3 Plastering, we understand the importance of securing a plasterer who delivers […]

Mastering Coloured Render: Types, Finishes, and Trends

Coloured Render

Welcome to P3 Plastering’s Comprehensive Guide on Coloured Render. In this article, we’ll walk you through this modern exterior coating, shedding light on its diverse types, benefits, and popular choices. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to revamp your property or just curious to understand the shades and textures of coloured render, this guide is your […]

A Plasterer’s First Blog Post

A laptop computer

Welcome to P3 Plastering’s blog and also my very first post! My name is Neil Price and I am a plasterer and the owner of P3 Plastering. So what does a plasterer know about blogging? Well to be honest for this plasterer the answer is not a lot. I am on a learning curve so […]