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A Plasterer’s First Blog Post

Welcome to P3 Plastering’s blog and also my very first post!

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My name is Neil Price and I am a plasterer and the owner of P3 Plastering.

So what does a plasterer know about blogging?

Well to be honest for this plasterer the answer is not a lot. I am on a learning curve so please bear with me while I find my feet.

It all started when I attended a network meeting and ended up talking to a few savvy people who know a bit about websites. They were all talking about their blogs and asked if I had one.

Well my expression must have answered their question as I was politely asked if I knew what one was.

I’m a plasterer, I plaster walls and ceilings why do I need to know what a blog is?

Anyway, when they kindly explained to me what one was I thought why would a plasterer want to write a blog?

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I prefer my plasterer’s trowel to a computer and who would want to read articles about plaster anyway?’

So that was the end of that. Until I told my wife that is ….

She asked “why can’t a plasterer keep a blog?, you have a skill and provide a service just like anyone else she said. Which got me thinking …

… and I hate to admit it but she’s right …

She made me start to think about all the questions I had been asked throughout my plastering career. These questions were things people wanted to know or needed some help with. They ranged from technical questions to simple bits of advice that were obvious to me but to people other than plasterers of course it was important information they needed to know.

So that’s going to be my plasterers blog. I’m going to share my professional knowledge and experience with you in the form of blog posts in the hope that it helps some people out and prevents some expensive mistakes that can also happen just through lack of knowledge.

I have started putting together some ideas as I am writing this introduction so there will be some more information coming very soon.  If you have any suggestions I would also love to hear from you.

So there you go I’ve done it my first ever post. Thank you everyone for reading it there’s more to come soon.



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